The fascinating world of automated trading

The growth of the stock market reflects the influence technology has on finance. Till the first telegram reduced the time taken by any information to reach its destination in a matter of seconds, technology has literally held the hand of information dissemination. Today one can access information and data real time and this very feature has made it possible to bring stock trading nearer to the normal mortal with little or no experience of the stock market.

Automated trading benefits

Automated trading systems have made trading possible for one and all. These systems use a few analytical features which you can find out from this post on the Q Profit System. Successful systems like this are designed to recognize the variables like macroeconomics, bottom-up stock, sentiment data and other such variants and react accordingly.

As a result, the need to rely on your instincts becomes negligible and this gives the nonprofessional traders an equal chance to participate in stock market trading rife with volatility.

The ability of these trading systems to rely on systematic indicators and configurations gives better results than humans.

Another advantage is that untrained traders can enhance their trading skills by trying out various permutations and combinations with the given metrics and indicators and arrive at a strategy that is most beneficial.

Useful skills that all automated traders must have

  1. Confidence:  Even though the platform is automated working knowledge of the market mechanics is a must if you hope to make some profits. You must understand the charts and get a basic hang of the working of the market. This knowledge will grant the confidence required to trade successfully.
  2. Resilience: There are no foolproof strategies; you must find your own method only through trial and error. The knowledge of the market will be very helpful to play around and identify what works for you. In the process, you may lose some money but you must persist till you strike gold.
  3. Patience: Hours of research and learning will give results; making money is not easy. It requires immense patience with the system and with oneself to master it. You must have the necessary discipline to journal all your methods, strategies, losses and profits to come up with better strategies and techniques.


Trading is not easy; it requires all the above skills to garner profits. There is no guarantee of a 100% success rate from any authentic trading platform becausethe final outcome depends solely on your knowledge of the market and which strategy you adopt. But with patience and diligence, you can hope to bring in the money.