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We are happy to announce that soon the J. Gordon Mumford Foundation will be a reality thanks to The Brit Method. Main goals of the organization will be to support war veterans in the late stages of their lives. The GordonMumford.com website will remain active as an archive while the foundation will be having a new site.

Author and Publisher


African Adventures


Gordon Mumford is the author of award-winning, creatively written non-fiction books about his experiences as a teenager in the Merchant Navy during WWII and his adventures in East Africa in the 1950s.

He is a 20th century man. His books are best read in chronological order.

* The Black Pit and Beyond
* The Sampan Girl
* Dangerous Waters
* White Man’s Drum
* Drums of Rebellion

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SeaWaves Magazineselected The Black Pit as their Book of the Year in 2004.

Welcome to the Wartime Merchant Navy pages of Gordon Mumford in WWII.

* About the WWII British / Allied Merchant Navy.

* About WW II Merchant ships.

* Awards for Bravery.

* Battle of Atlantic and Convoy ONS15.

* Photo Galleries.

* Merchant seamen held as Prisoners of War.

* Radio Officers.

* Survival at Sea.

* WW II Bookshelf

* Website Links.

* Tribute to Douglas Crook, 2nd mate on ss Scottish Heather.

* Rolls of Honour commemorate 15 ships and more than 500 seamen lost from Convoy ONS154 (1942).

Roll of Honour for ss Empire Path (1944).

Roll of Honour for mv Luling (1945).

These pages contain photographs and stories of East Africa’s bygone days.

* African Bookshelf

  Beaches, Hotels, and Resorts

* East African Reunions

Farms and Farm Maps

  Game Parks

*  Homes and Gardens

Lakes and Lake Boats


* Nigerian Rivers

  Northern Frontier District

* Schools in East Africa

  Towns and Cities of East Africa (Kenya, Tanganyika, Uganda, and Zanzibar).

  Transportation by air, lakes and rivers, sea, rail, and road.

* Web sites about East Africa.

* Web sites for individual schools and their alumni,

Kenya Korner is a password-protected list of names of former East African residents who wish to connect with friends from their East African days.

To register and add your name and other details to the Kenya List, please go to the Kenya Korner page.

Information and names are added continuously.

Look for lost friends.

Search for genealogical information

Share memories of your days in East Africa.

Submit jpg files of class photos and school events.

* Share memories of your school days.

* Read stories submitted by others.

If you have already registered for Kenya Korner, please use this link to jump to the login page.