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Unlike taking up a job in any other business or starting an online trading odyssey with binary option robot, joining the defense sector is a totally different experience. Besides the financial benefits a job in the defense sector offers, it is the learning experience and the sense of pride in serving the nation that matters.

Here are the notable financial and miscellaneous benefits you get if you are serving in the US Navy.

Favoring education:

Those who join the Navy soon after their high school can claim several educational benefits to pursue their college. These are also available for those who have completed their degrees and plan to study further. So for the naval officers, the educational benefit scheme is one of the most advantageous.

Housing benefits:

Among the other perks that the Navy offers, one of the most favorable ones is the housing benefits. Navy officers are entitled to accommodation offered by the US Navy or can claim Housing allowances.

Health benefits:

The Navy officers are granted easy Life Insurance schemes. In addition to this, they can also claim the medical expenses of their family. A full coverage of the expenses for medical and dental charges for the officer and his spouse and wards is offered by the Navy. Some local hospitals also offer special medical attention to Navy officers in times of emergency. Not all civilian jobs offer the amount of health benefits that US Navy offers. The insurance coverage offered by the Navy is also available at affordable rates to the officers.

Other allowances:

Navy Uniforms, as well as food allowances, are offered for the Navy Officers. Besides the uniform allowance, they can also claim uniform maintenance allowances annually. Based on the educational qualifications of the recruits, some fields in the Navy also offer a variety of bonuses for new recruits. It is a known fact that on reaching higher positions, on performing well in the missions, Navy officers can get attractive financial compensations. The Navy also comes with referral schemes for the Navy officers to recommend their acquaintances. If they serve the Navy for a reasonable number of years, they are also entitled to retirement benefits.

These are some of the financial benefits offered by the US Navy. Here the other advantages of joining the Navy:

Best training experience for the sailors in the Navy:

With the world class training that the Navy offers the sailors, they can gain a unique level of exposure unlike any other. With sophisticated tools and equipment, cutting edge technology incorporation, the Navy recruits receive some of the best training indoors and outdoors in a conveniently spread out training session.

Traveling around the world:

This is one of the main benefits that anyone in the Navy would cite. Navy is the place to be if you love traveling. Depending on the base where you are deployed, depending on the mission you are assigned, you would traveling to different countries worldwide. This gives you an opportunity to explore and know new places when you are stationed there.

Joining the Navy does come with a few limitations like having to travel for days or months away from the family, rigorous training programs and work schedules. The payroll of the Navy officers is pretty attractive but that is not the highest on the job market. But taking into account all the benefits it offers, a job in the US Navy is indeed an attractive option for the youth.


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