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List of Books about the Merchant Navy in WW II:
Background Reading & Associated Books

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Bercuson, David J. and Holger H. Herwig.

Deadly Seas: The Duel between the St. Croix and the U305 in the Battle of the Atlantic. 1997. - ISBN 0679309276


Cameron, Ian. 

Red Duster, White Ensign: Story of Malta and the Malta Convoys. 1960.
Bantam Books reprint 1983 - ISBN 0553234919
Canada. Veterans Affairs. 
The Scheldt, 1944-1994. Ottawa [Canada], 1994
Davis, Maggie.
Stage Door Canteen, 2003 - ISBN 0759257760
Mystery, intrigue and romance, involving a British MN freighter in New York. Set in the winter of 1942-43, this book shows what life was like during the WW II. See author's website.
 Greenlaw, Joanna.
The History of the Radio Officer in the British Merchant Navy and on Deep-Sea Trawlers. - ISBN 1904323014. 
Hague, Arnold. 
The Allied Convoy System, 1939-1945. 2000. A technical reference source, useful for specific details of convoys. ISBN 1557500193
Heal, S. C.  - an author and publisher of maritime history, navy, shipping, & fisheries books.
A Great Fleet of Ships: the Canadian Forts and Parks. 1551250233. A detailed history of the ships built by Canada for deep sea service in World War II.
Available through Cordillera or amazon.com
Cordillera Books Spring catalog 2005. -Adobe Reader required to view this document. For best results when printing, use legal-size paper (8.5 by 14 inches OR / 215.9 by 355.6 mm or equivalent). For more information, contact Cordillera.
Hegland, Jon Rusting. 
Nortraships Flåte, vol. 2, 1942-1945. -- Information on D/S Norse King, page 49.
Jordon, Roger. 
The World's Merchant Fleets, 1939: the Particulars and Wartime Fates of 6,000 Ships.. Chatham Pub., 1999. ISBN 186176023 or 155750959X
Jullian, Marcel. 
 HMS Fidelity. London: Futura, 1975.
Keegan, John, editor. 
Atlas of the Second World War. Ann Arbor (Michigan): Harper Collins, 1999. ISBN - 1586631977
Kingswell, Peter. 
Fidelity Will Haunt Me Till I Die. Royal Marines Historical Society (Special Publication No. 13), ©1991; 3rd edition 2003. Lists causalities and survivors. Reprinted. Order RMHS Special Publication available from the Royal Marines official site.
Leighton, Frank.
Frayed Lifelines: a Siege Survivor's Story. Trafford, 2003.  Memoir about Malta, during the siege in WW II.  - ISBN 1553958411
Lloyds War Losses, the Second World War, volume 1. Colchester, 1990. (Note: Lloyds lists 3 casualties for the Empire Path, but the Tower Hill Memorial and the CWGC show 5 names).
Malcolm, Ian M.
Life Aboard a Wartime Liberty Ship
 Life Aboard a Wartime Liberty Ship. London: Amberley Publishing 2010. ISBN 9781445600208
During the Second World War, when Britain's very survival depended on her Merchant Navy, ships were being sunk faster than they could be replaced. The mass production of the Liberty Ship, on the assembly-line method in the USA, solved the problem: Britain received 200 of them under the Lend-Lease agreement. From 1943 until 1951, Ian Malcolm was a radio officer/purser with Alfred Holt & Co., owners of the Blue Funnel Line and the Glen Line. His voyages on the Liberty Ships Samite and Samforth, described in this book, were made during wartime, after which he spent a year on the Samnesse, trading mainly between Italy and East Africa. Subsequent voyages were made to the Continent, Far East, Australia and Indonesia. Dealing mainly with life on board his ships and how he spent the sometimes prolonged spells in port, Ian begins his story with his entrance into the Merchant Navy as a radio officer and continues with his crossing to Canada on the Queen Elizabeth to join the Samite in Baltimore. During the Samite's fifteen-month voyage, she called at various ports in the USA and North Africa while Ians next ship, the Samforth, on her ten-month voyage, visited Canada, the USA, Egypt, Arabia, India, Mozambique, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Norway and Finland. Life Aboard a Wartime Liberty Ship is an engaging memoir of a young man's maritime adventures, the people he met, the countries he saw, and the intoxicating thrill of life at sea.
Meneight, W.A. 
A History of the United Molasses Co. Ltd. Liverpool, U.M., 1977. Privately published history, by the owners of the Athel Line and Tankers Ltd.
Milner, Marc.
North Atlantic Run: The Royal Canadian Navy and the Battle for the Convoys. 1984 ISBN 0870214500 (hardcover).
Mitchell, W.H. and L.A. Sawyer.  (see also Sawyer and Mitchell)
The Empire Ships: a Record of British-built and acquired Merchant Ships during the Second World War. 2nd edition. London: Lloyds of London Press Ltd. 1990. ISBN 1850442754
Mumford, J. Gordon. Memoirs about his experiences as a WW II Merchant Navy Radio Officer.
For his books about his experiences in Kenya (East Africa) after the war, see the African Bookshelf
The Sampan Girl. Burnstown, ON: GSPH, 2001. 
A story of life, love, and loss in the Pacific islands and Hong Kong. 1945-56. Cdn $24.95

Dangerous Waters

Dangerous Waters. 2008
Ten short stories about the sea and sea-going in the 1940s. Cdn $14.95

Parker, Mike. 
Running the Gauntlet: an Oral History of Canadian Merchant Seamen in World War II. Halifax, N.S.: Nimbus Publishing, 1994.
Poolman, Kenneth. 
Armed Merchant Cruisers. 1985. ISBN: 0436377063
Revely, Henry. 
The Convoy that Nearly Died: The Story of Convoy ONS 154. 1979. ISBN: 0718304063
Rohwer, Jürgen. 
Axis Submarine Successes of World War Two. 1983; rev. 1999. German, Italian and Japanese successesl. - ISBN: 1557500290
* Sawyer, L.A. and W.H. Mitchell
The Liberty Ships, the History of the Emergency type cargo ships constructed in USA during the Second World War. 1970.
Paperback edition ISBN: 1850440492; Hardcover ISBN: 1850440646
Victory Ships and Tankers. 1970. ISBN: 0870331825
Schull, Joseph.
Far Distant Ships: An Official Account of Canadian Naval Operations in World War II. 1950. ASIN: B0007J8S9Y and ISBN: 0870212036
Upton, Vernon
Upon Their Lawful Occasions: Reflections of a Merchant Navy Officer During Peace and War. (1904744257) Vernon Upton, GM, served in the Merchant Navy from just before the outbreak of World War II. His experiences of life in peace and war are vividly described in this comprehensive history. Matador, 2004. ISBN: 1904744257 amazon.com.

Wade, Frank.

 A Midshipman's War, a young man in the Mediterranean Naval War, 1941-43. Vancouver, Canada: 1994. ISBN: 189559006X
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