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     Welcome to the Wartime Merchant Navy pages of Gordon Mumford, author of award-winning, creatively written non-fiction books about his World War Two experiences in the British Merchant Navy. These coming-of-age stories describe various war theatres, from the Atlantic through the Italian and North African campaigns, to Belgium and Southern Holland, and finally the Pacific. Excerpts and biographical information are included.
Information is also given about the role of the Merchant Navy, the Battle of Convoy ONS154, marine radio officers, high-level gallantry awards to merchant seamen and seamen held as prisoners in Timbuktu. Tribute is paid to Douglas Crook, 2nd mate of the SS Scottish Heather who saved the ship and crew, while honour rolls commemorate over 500 men–from Convoy ONS-154 (1942), the Empire Path (1944), and MV Luling (1945).


*About the Author – Author biography and writing background.
See also Gordon’s experiences as a Radio Officer and in Kenya.
*About the Books – Books by Gordon Mumford, including awards, excerpts and reviews.
*Battle of Convoy ONS 154 – Description of the attack on the convoy, the ensuing battle, and political consequences. Tribute to Douglas Crook. See also Escort Ships, Other Ships (including the HMS Fidelity), and U-boats involved..
*High Awards for Bravery – given to Merchant Navy personnel, and Sea Gallantry Awards
*Links & Sources – Links to other websites.
*Memorial Pages Honour rolls give names for those fourteen ships lost in convoy ONS 154 (1942), the SS Empire Path (1944) and MV Luling (1945).
*Merchant ShipsInformation about merchant shipping and seamen, including information on Gordon Mumford’s ships, the Merchant Navy badge, campaign medals, and the Continuous Certificate of Discharge.
*Photo Galleries – Photographs of people, ships, and newspaper clippings.
*Prisoners-of War – Merchant seamen held as prisoners-of-war. Information and photographs from the Vichy French prisoners in West Africa. Fred’s story.
*Queries & FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions, requests for information, etc.
*Radio Officers – Biographies of radio officers, as well as information about the ship’s radio room, ship clocks, Certificate of Proficiency in Radiotelegraphy, etc..
*Survival at Sea – Tribute to Doug Crook, Bill Cook, and others. List of Merchant ships involved in Arctic convoys, etc.
*World War II BookshelfBooks of interest about the Merchant Navy, etc. in WW II..
*Zebra Publishing House – To purchase books by Gordon Mumford.

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