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The US navy is a diverse organization that engages the services of a wide range of professionals. It offers active service personnel the opportunity to serve in the finance and accounting departments with the aim of helping them prepare for career after their term in the Navy.

For people who do not wish to part take in active-duty service, these job opportunities can also be availed as part-time reserves position. These job positions play an integral role in inventory management, payroll management and for ensuring continuous supply of resources throughout the organization.

Job description

Business accounting in the US Navy is taken care by the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy. There are 6 divisions in the office and people enrolled in finance or accounting positions are assigned to one of the divisions.

The primary duties entrusted to these personnel are as follows:

  • They are in charge of managing the payroll
  • They are required to track the inventory
  • They must be ready to travel to the Navy’s vessels situated in locations around the world

Job duties

The people working in the finance and accounting positions are responsible for managing the payroll. It is a mammoth task as the total amount for one aircraft carrier can go as high $2 million in a 2 week period.

Apart from this, the business finance and accounts professionals are also entrusted with the responsibility of managing the reimbursements. They must not only reimburse the travel expenses but also handle the sales operations while onboard.

The job also requires professionals to manage the Navy post offices. For certain categories of mail, they are responsible for ensuring the safety of the mail. Maintaining adequate levels of inventory, ordering supplies and record keeping are also part of their job duties.

Desired qualification

People who wish to be part of the business finance and accounting offices of the Navy must meet the below mentioned criteria:

  • The candidates must be at least 17 year of age but not above 34 years.
  • The candidate must be a US citizen or possess a permanent resident visa
  • The candidate must meet certain family and financial requirements
  • The candidate must have a GED or high school diploma
  • Тhe candidate must be able to commit to 2-4 years to the US Navy

Once the candidate has been accepted by the US Navy, they are required to attend a boot camp. The duration of the boot camp is around 7-9 weeks. The officer or enlisted soldier can choose to opt for business finance or accounting job in the US Navy only after successful completion of the boot camp. According to the guidelines prescribed by the Navy, it is not mandatory for candidates to possess a college degree in these streams.

Life after the Navy

Working in the business finance and accounting offices of the US Navy prepares officers and soldiers to find jobs outside the Navy. They can seek employment opportunities in US postal services, various accounting firms and retail manager posts or start trading online with Option Robot. Apart from these they can also apply for jobs as stock supervisor, store keeper or book keeper.

Hence by working in the business finance and accounting offices of the US Navy people can not only serve their nation but also prepare themselves for a life after the Navy.


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