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Arctic Convoys

There were 184 British Merchant ships that took part in the Arctic convoys. This list gives the name of the ship, followed by the convoy numbers, and indicates that ships that were lost. Some ships actually sailed indepently, and were not in a convoy.

The individual service records for the Merchant Navy are held at the Public Records Office in Kew in the Fifth Register of Merchant Seamans Service in BT382. These records state the names of individuals and the ships and dates they served on them. Cross referenced with the Ships Movement Cards in BT389 would determine whether an individual was on any of the ships during a Convoy to Russia.

Many thanks to Billy McGee who supplied this information and list.

  Ship's Name No. Convoys Sunk
  Adolph S Ochs 6
 JW-60, JW-63, JW-64, JW-67, RA-61, RA-65
* Aldersdale DERVISH 2
PQ-14, PQ-17
* Atheltemplar 3
PQ-14, PQ-18, QP-11
  Atlantic 9
PQ-1, PQ-9, PQ-16, QP-2, QP-8, QP-13, JW-52, JW-53, RA-54B
  Barrwhin 2
PQ-11, QP-9
  Beaconstreet 2
PQ-12, QP-10
  Black Ranger 9
PQ-1, PQ-16, PQ-18, QP-1, QP-14, JW-64, JW-66, RA-64, RA-66
  Blairnevis 2
PQ-1, QP-2
  Blue Ranger 6
JW-63, JW-65, JW-66, RA-63, RA-65, RA-66
* Bolton Castle 1
* Botavon 3
PQ-7B, PQ-15, QP-7
  Briarwood 8
PQ-3, PQ-5, PQ-14, not in convoy, QP-4, QP-11, JW-51A, RA-52
  British Corporal 1
  British Governor 2
 JW-53, RA-54A
  British Merit 2
JW-64, RA-65
  British Patience 2
JW-60, RA-61
  British Pride 2
PQ-8, QP-8
  British Promise 5
JW-59, JW-63, JW-67, RA-60, RA-64
  British Respect 4
JW-62, JW-66, RA-63, RA-67
  British Statesman 2
JW-55B, RA-56
  British Valour 2
JW-57, RA-58
British Workman 2
PQ-8, QP-8
* Cape Corso 4
PQ-3, PQ-14, PQ-15, QP-4
  Cape Race 4
PQ-3, PQ-15, QP-4, QP-12
* Chulmleigh 3
PQ-5, QP-13 not in convoy
  Copeland 9
 PQ-18, QP-15, JW-54A, JW-57, JW-66, RA-54B, RA-57, RA-58, RA-66
  Daldorch 7
PQ-11, QP-9, OPFB, JW-51B, JW-54B, RA-52, RA-55B
  Dan-Y-Bryn 8
PQ-4, PQ-14, PQ-18, QP4, QP-11, QP-15, JW-52, RA-53
  Daphnella 2
JW-57, RA-58
  Dartford 2
PQ-8, QP-7
  Dolabella 6

JW-58, JW-61, JW-65, RA-59, RA-62, RA-66

  Dover Hill 3
JW-51B, JW-53, RA-54B
* Earlston 3
PQ-12, PQ-17, QP-9
  El Mirlo 4
PQ-6, PQ-14, QP-4, QP-10
  Elona 2

PQ-6, QP-8

  Empire Archer 6
JW-51B, JW-55A, JW-63, RA-53, RA-56, RA-64
  Empire Baffin 10
PQ-2, PQ-11, PQ-16, PQ-18, QP-3, QP-9, QP-13, QP-15, JW-52, JW-53
  Empire Bard 4
 PQ-14, PQ-15, RA-57, RA-59A
* Empire Beaumont 1
  Empire Buttress 1
* Empire Byron 3
PQ-12, PQ-17, QP-9
  Empire Carpenter 3
 JW-54A, JW-57, RA-55A
  Empire Celia 8
JW-54A, JW-57, JW-60, JW-63, RA-55A, RA-58, RA-61, RA-64
  Empire Clarion 2
JW-52, RA-53
* Empire Cowper 2
PQ-13, QP-10
  Empire Elgar 2
PQ-16, RA-59A
  Empire Emerald 3
JW-51B, JW-67, RA-53
  Empire Flint 2
 JW-64, RA-65
  Empire Fortune 2
JW-53, RA-54A
  Empire Galliard 4
JW-53, not in convoy, RA-51, RA-54A
  Empire Garrick 4
JW-62, JW-66, RA-63, RA-67
* Empire Gilbert 1
 not in convoy
  Empire Halley 2
PQ-7B, QP-7
* Empire Howard 3
PQ-7B, PQ-14, QP-6
  Empire Kinsman 2
JW-53, RA-54A
* Empire Lawrence 1
  Empire Lionel 2
JW-54B, RA-56
  Empire Magpie 2
PQ-11, QP-9
  Empire Mavis 2
PQ-6, QP-13
  Empire Meteor 4
PQ-4, QP-13, JW-51A, RA-52
  Empire Morn 4
PQ-15, PQ-18, QP-12, QP-15
  Empire Nigel 3
JW-54A, JW-57, RA-55A
  Empire Pickwick 3
JW-55A, RA-56, RA-57
  Empire Ploughman 2
JW-56A, RA-57
  Empire Portia 2
JW-52, RA-54A
  Empire Prowess 3
JW-58, JW-67, RA-59A
* Empire Purcell 1
* Empire Ranger 1
  Empire Redshank 2
PQ-7B, QP-6
  Empire Scott 4
not in convoy, JW-53, RA-51, RA-54B
  Empire Selwyn 4
 PQ-9, PO-16, QP-8, QP-13
* Empire Sky 1
not in convoy
  Empire Snow 4
PO-18, QP-15, JW-52, RA-53
  Empire Stalwart 6
 JW-54B, JW-62, JW-65, RA-55B, RA-63, RA-66
* Empire Starlight 1
  Empire Stevenson 3
PQ-5, PQ-18, QP-13
  Empire Tide 2
PQ-17, QP-14
* Empire Tourist 2
JW-56B, RA-57
   Empire Tristram 4
PQ-18, QP-15, JW-52, RA-53
  Empress of Australia 2
JW-61A, RA-61A
  Esneh DERVISH 1
  Eulima 3
PQ-4, QP-4, QP-5
  Explorer 3
PQ-6, QP-8, JW-53
  Fort Astoria  
JW-55A, RA-56
* Fort Bellingham 1
  Fort Boise 4
JW-62, JW-65, RA-63, RA-66
  Fort Brule 2
 JW-57, RA-59
  Fort Columbia 4
JW-54B, JW-58, RA-55B, RA-59
  Fort Crevecoeur 6
JW-56B, JW-61, JW-64, RA-57, RA-62, RA-65
  Fort Glenora 2

JW-59, RA-60

  Fort Hall 4
 JW-55A, JW-58, RA-56, RA-59
  Fort Highfield 3
JW-62, JW-67, RA-63
  Fort Island 2
JW-62, RA-63
  Fort Kullyspell 4
JW-55B, JW-58, RA-56, RA-59
  Fort Massac 4
 JW-62, JW-65, RA-63, RA-66
  Fort McMurray 4
JW-54B, JW-57, RA-55A, RA-58
  Fort Missanabie 2
JW-55A, RA-56
  Fort Nakasley 2
JW-55B, RA-56
  Fort Norfolk 2
JW-56B, RA-57
  Fort Poplar 2
JW-54B, RA-55B
  Fort Romaine 4
JW-57, JW-61, RA-58, RA-62
  Fort Slave 2
JW-56A, RA-57
  Fort Thompson 2
JW-55A, RA-56
  Fort Vercheres 6
JW-55B, JW-58, JW-64, RA-56, RA-59A, RA-65
  Fort Yukon 8
JW-54A, JW-58, JW-61, JW-65, RA-55A, RA-59, RA-62, RA-66
  Gemstone 2
PQ-l, QP-2
* Goolistan 2
PQ-18, QP-15
* Gray Ranger 4
PQ-15, PQ-17, PQ-18, QP-14
  Harmatris 2
PQ-8, QP-14
  Harmonic 2
PQ-1, QP-2
* Harpalion 4
PQ-2, PQ-13, QP-3, QP-10
* Hartlebury 5
PQ-2, PQ-11, PQ-17, QP-3, QP-9
  Hopemount 2
PQ-14, RA-51
* Induna 1
  Junecrest 2
JW-54A, RA-55A
* Jutland 3
PQ-7B, PQ-15, QP-7
  Kingswood 2
РО-11, QP-9
  Lacklan 6
JW-58, JW-63, JW-65, RA-59A, RA-63, RA-65
* Lancaster Castle 1
  Lancastrian Prince DERVISH 1
  Lapland 3
 JW-55A, JW-61, RA-59
  Lars Kruse 1
  Laurelwood 6
JW-61, JW-62, JW-66, RA-61, RA-62, RA-67
  Llandaff 4
PQ-12, QP-9, JW-53, RA-54B
  Llanstephan Castle DERVISH 1
  Longwood 2
JW-62, RA-63
  Lorca 2
PQ-l, QP-2
* Lowther Castle 3
PQ-11, PQ-16, QP-9
  Lucerna 8
JW-55A, JW-57, JW-60, JW-64, RA-55B, RA-58, RA-61, RA-65
  Luculus 4
JW-59, JW-62, RA-59A, RA-62
  Mano 1
  Marylyn 2
PQ-11, QP-9
  Montcalm 1
  Nacella 4
JW-59, JW-63, RA-60, RA-64
* Navarino 3
PQ-12, PQ-17, QP-10
  Neritina 4
JW-60, JW-64, RA-61, RA-65
* New Westminster City DERVISH 2
PQ-13, QP-1
  Ocean Faith 4
PQ-18, QP-15, JW-52, RA-53
* Ocean Freedom 3
PQ-17, QP-14, JW-53
  Ocean Gypsy 2
JW-55B, RA-56
  Ocean Messenger 2
 JW-55B, RA-56
  Ocean Pride 2
 JW-55B, RA-56
  Ocean Strength 4
JW-54B, JW-57, RA-55A, RA-58
  Ocean Valour 2
JW-55B, RA-56
  Ocean Vanity 2
JW-54A, RA-55A
  Ocean Verity 2
JW-54A, RA-55A
  Ocean Viceroy 2
JW-55B, RA-56
* Ocean Voice 2
PQ-16, QP-14
  Oligarch 6
PQ-18, QP-14, JW-51A, JW-52, RA-51, RA-53
  Orient City 2
 PQ-2, QP-3
  Pontfield 2
JW-51B, RA-54A
  Queen City 2
PQ-2, QP-3
  Rathlin 12
PQ-17, QP-14, JW-54B, JW-58, JW-59, JW-62, JW-67, RA-55A, RA-58, RA-60, RA-62, RA-67
* River Afton 5
PQ-1, PQ-13, PQ-17, QP-2, QP-10
  Samannan 2
 JW-59, RA-60
  Samaritan 6
JW-60, JW-63, JW-66, RA-61, RA-64, RA-67
  Samcalia 2
JW-59, RA-60
  Samconstant 2
 JW-59, RA-60
  Samgara 2
JW-59, RA-60
  Samidway 2
 JW-59, RA-60
  Samloyal 2
 JW-59, RA-60
  Samlyth 2
JW-59, RA-60
* Samsuva 2
JW-59, RA-60
  Samtredy 2
 JW-59, RA-60
  San Adolfo 4
 JW-54B, JW-56A, RA-55A, RA-57
  San Ambrosio 7
PQ-3, QP-4, QP-5, JW-55A, JW-57, RA-55A, RA-57
  San Cipriano 2
 JW-51A, RA-53
  San Cirilo 2
JW-56A, RA-57
  San Venancio 4
JW-61, JW-65, RA-62, RA-66
  Scottish American 2
PQ-13, QP-12
  Scythia 2
JW-61 A, RA-61A
  Southgate 4
PQ-8, PQ-15, QP-7, QP-12
  St Clears 2
PQ-5, QP-13
  Syrian Prince 2
JW-61, RA-61
  Temple Arch 8
PQ-2, PQ-12, PQ-18, QP-3, QP-10, QP-15, JW-52, RA-53
  Thistledale 2
JW-55A, RA-56
  Trehata DERVISH 5
PQ-5, PQ-14, QP-1, QP-4, QP-11
   Trekieve 2
PQ-3, QP-4
  Trevorian 2
PQ-9, QP-9
  Ville D'Anvers 2
PQ-l, QP-2
  Wanstead 2
PQ-3, QP-4
* Waziristan 1
* Zaafaran 1
  Zamalek 5
PQ-6, PQ-17, QP-14, JW-60, RA-60

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