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Memorial to the Seaman and Marines on HMS Fidelity
Torpedoed in ONS 154 on December 30, 1942
Remembrance Day Poppy      HMS Fidelity, disguised as a Merchant ship in Convoy ONS 154, was torpedoed on December 30, 1942 , while attempting to make the Azores. This convoy had 15 ships torpedoed (14 sunk). Of the 1077 aboard, there were 512 lost.
This page is a memorial to the 325 sailors and marines who died on HMS Fidelity. There is no one naval memorial for this ship. The names are listed under their previous ships and other memorials..

HMS Fidelity (French) - formerly Le Rhin
Disguised Merchant Ship (SSV = Special Service Vessel)
GRT: 2455 - Convoy Position: #54
HMS Fidelity (ex-French Le Rhin), was taken over by the British in June 1940.
Built in 1920, Le Rhin was an armed merchantman working for the French Colonial Intelligence Service.
Costa took the ship and crew to Gibraltar in 1940 to join the Allies
1941/09: Renamed Fidelity, and converted to a Special Service Vessel (SSV). Ship was overhauled and
armed with four 4-inch guns, four torpedo tubes, two Kingfisher seaplanes, and a motor torpedo boat.
Fidelity rescued 2 boatloads of survivors from the Empire Shackleton, including the Commodore.
German records show that Fidelity was sunk on December 30, 1942
but CWGC website gives the date of the sinking as January 1st, 1943.
Strelow (U-435) reported seeing 300 to 400 survivors on rafts on December 30, and again the following morning.
Crew of 280, with 51 Marines, and 4 others.
Voyage: to Colombo, via the Cape to join the Eastern Fleet.
Fidelity was reputedly transporting commandos (51 Royal Marines) to Indo-China.

Torpedoed by U-615 (Lt. Cdr. Kapitzky) on December 29.
Torpedoed and sunk by U-435 (Lt. Cdr. Strelow) at 1636 on December 30.
Position: 42.05N 28.05W, in Atlantic off Azores.
Survivors: 2 (sea plane) rescued by HMCS St. Laurent, and 8 (MTB) by HMCS Woodstock.
Casualties: 325. - The Fidelity had survivors from the Empire Shackleton aboard and carried 2 LCVs.

Killed in Action on December 30, 1942

Names are located on various Naval Memorial Sites, including Portsmouth, Dartmouth, and Chatham


AVENCOUR, J.J., Temp. Lt. (A) RNVR
BARCLAY, M.V., 1st Officer (WRNS)
BOWMAN, P.N., Act. Temp. Lt. Cdr., DSC RNVR
BULL, A.M., Temp. Lt., RCNVR
DOUDET, R., Temp. Lt. Cdr., RN

FONTENEY, P.R., Act. Temp. Lt. Cdr., RN
LALANDE, R.J., Temp. Lt., RN
LANGLAIS, J., Temp. Cdr., RN
MARTIN, J.P.T., Act. Temp. Sub Lt., RNVR

PATTERSON, H., Temp. Lt. (E), RN
PAUL, R.L., Temp. Paymaster, RNVR
ROBERTSON, J., Surgeon Lt., RN
ROGERS, J.R., Temp. Lt. (E), RN
STARNESS, R., Temp. Sub Lt. (E), RN
STONE, C., Temp. Lt., RNVR
THUNDER, C.F., Temp. Paymaster Lt., RNVR
WHITE, W. Bell, Lt. Cdr. (E), RD RNR

NAVAL RATINGS (group photo)

ALLAN, Walter, Stoker 1st Class (P/KX 108899), age 22
ANNETTS, William H., Act. Able Seaman (P/JX 209598)
AYRES, Edward, Act. Able Seaman (P/JX 295011)
BADGER, Bert, Ldg. Seaman (P/J 47260)
BAKER,  Sidney H., Able Seaman (P/JX 236037)
LEAVER, William, Ldg. Stoker (P/KX 116961)
LE FRANC, Jean L.,  Ldg. Seaman (P/JX 221678)
LEONARD, Frank, J., Act. Petty Officer (P/JX 153858)
LITTLE, Andrew, Able Seaman (P/JX 187777)
LIVESEY, John S. C., Able Seaman (P/JX 297375)
BALL, George A., Stoker 1st Class (P/KX 104177)
BANHAM, George H., Ord. Seaman (P/JX 330750)
BARNES, Albert W., Ord. Seaman (P/JX 325826)
BARNETT, Gordon L., Act. Able Seaman (P/JX 275675)
BECKETT, Ronald W., Able Seaman (P/JX 231198)
LLOYD, James H., Able Seaman (P/JX 189415)
LUNNON, Charles, Able Seaman (P/JX 295007)
McGIVEN, Hugh,  Stoker 2nd Class (P/KX 147722)
McPARTLAND, Kevin, Air Mech. (A) 1st Class (FAA/FX 83673)
McSHANNOCK, Thomas, Asst. Cook (S) (P/MX 101399)
BEECH, Edmund, Act. ERA 4th Class (P/MX 88686)
BELL, George L., Able Seaman (P/JX 273082)
BELL, James, Ldg. Cook (P/MX 53027)
BIGGS, Thomas J., Act. Able Seaman (P/JX 324870)
BONSIR, Ronald, Able Seaman (P/JX 235399)
MacPHEE, Donald, Steward (P/LX 26291)
MACKLE, William, Stoker 1st Class (P/KX 112015)
MACKLIN, Lawrence, Stoker 1st Class (P/KX 114834)
MAHONEY, William G., Ord. Seaman (P/JX 330541)
MALEY, James, Act. Stoker 1st Class (P/KX 134405)
BRAMLEY, Thomas H., Act. Able Seaman (P/JX 294961)
BRAY, Frederick H., Ord. Seaman (P/JX 328262)
BRIDGE, Wilfred E.A., Act. Able Seaman (P/JX 276784)
BRIGDEN, Frederick R., Able Seaman (P/J 74265)
BROWN, Edward M., Steward (P/LX 24977)
MARSH Marcel, Act. Ldg. Seaman (P/JX 214400)
MARTYR, George A., Able Seaman (P/JX 169583)
MASH, Albert G., Photographer (A) (P/MX 102075)
MILLAR, James, Able Seaman (D/JX 144988)
MILLER, George, Act. Able Seaman (P/JX 246931)
BROWNRIGG, George M., Act. Able Seaman (P/JX 309842)
BRUCE, Douglas E., Able Seaman (P/JX 204580)
BRUCE, Douglas S., Able Seaman (P/JX 323265)
BUCKINGHAM, John R.B., Ldg. Seaman RNR (P/X 18123A)
BUNYAN, George M., Coder (P/JX 342935)
MITCHENER, Walter F., Ldg. Stoker (P/KX 89792)
MORELAND, Thomas, Able Seaman (P/JX 141671)
MORRIS, Alfred H., Able Seaman (P/SSX 30397)
MORRIS, Rowland J., Act. Able Seaman (P/JX 274286)
MORRISON, Jack R., Seaman RNR (P/JX 21519A)
CAMBON, Charles L, Act. POAM (E) (FAA/FX 115190)
CARMICHAEL, William, ERA 4th Class (P/MX 63916)
CARRUTHERS, William J., Stoker 2nd Class (P/KX 151500)
CHALLIS, Charles S., Able Seaman (P/JX 201511)
CHARLTON, Jack, Act. Able Seaman (P/JX 273784)
MOSS, Arthur T., Able Seaman (P/JX 264014)
MOULE, George E., Act. Able Seaman (P/JX 261616)
MURRAY, Ernest G., Ldg. Air Fitter (O) (FAA/FX 89910)
MURRAY, Joseph., Stoker 2nd Class (P/KX 150496)
NEESAM, John, Stoker Petty Officer (P/KX 92012)
CHATFIELD, Donald E., Act. Yeoman of Signals (P/JX 141778)
CHRISTOPHE, Jean R., Act. Chief Motor Mechanic (P/MX 99523)
CHURCHILL, Bertram J., Able Seaman (P/SSX 18976)
COLVIN, Ronald, Stoker 1st Class (P/JX 145746)
CONNELL, William, Ord. Telegraphist (P/JX 344842)
NELSON, William R., Ord. Seaman (P/JX 363050)
NOON, Thomas A., Stoker 2nd Class (P/KX 152185)
NORMAN, George A., Ord. Seaman (P/KX 348389)
NORMAN, Horace S., Signalman (P/JX 260113)
NORRIS, Edward S., Petty Officer (P/J 78020)
CORBETT, George, Stoker 2nd Class (P/KX 150495)
CORBETT, Kenneth G., Signalman (P/JX 212306)
COULL, James A., Ordnance Mechanic (P/MX 116745)
CRAIG, Andrew, Able Seaman (P/JX 161222)
CRAIG, William G., Stoker 2nd Class (P/KX 136612)
NORTON, Charles F., Ldg. Seaman (P/JX 251752)
ORD, Thomas F., Stoker Petty Officer (P/KX 84968)
PAGE, Leonard F., Ord. Seaman (P/JX 351331)
PARFITT, Charles W D, Stoker 2nd Class (P/KX 1513)
PARK, William M., Wireman (P/MX 78791)
CRAWFORD, Andrew H., Able Seaman (P/JX 276205)
CROWTHER, William T., Act. Ldg. Airman (FAA/SFX 2260)
CUMMOCK, Bernard G., Able Seaman (P/JX 298587)
DANIELS, William H., Able Seaman (P/JX 164051)
DARVILL, Ronald G., Act. Able Seaman (P/JX 275966)
PARKER, Albert C. L., Stoker 2nd Class (P/KX 151059)
PATRICK, Eugene E., Ldg. Seaman (P/JX 221677)
PEARSON, Henry J., Ldg. Seaman (P/JX 214416)
PEMBLETON, Harry, Able Seaman (P/JX 182250)
PHILLIPS, Maurice F., Cook (P/MX 94899)
DAVIDSON, William C. C., Ldg. Seaman RNVR (P/ESD/X 1675)
DAY, Allan, ERA 4th Class (P/MX 63907)
DEACON, Reginald J. Able Seaman (P/JX 275973)
DEFRIEND, Samuel, Ord. Seaman (P/JX 330536)
DEXTER, John W., Engineman (LT./KX 108964)
PIERCY, Edward., Act. Able Seaman (P/JX 159001)
PLASKETT, James A., Act. Able Seaman (P/JX 275593)
POTTER, Edwin J., Able Seaman (P/JX 346254)
POWELL, Roger, Telegraphist (P/JX 225850)
PRICE, Cecil A., Act. Able Seaman (P/JX 160882)
DICKINSON, James F., Able Seaman (P/JX 275954)
DORGAN, Francis B., Stoker 1st Class (P/KX 145750)
DORRICOTH, Roland, Stoker 1st Class (P/KX 79492)
DRUMGOLD, Ernest T., Petty Officer (P/JX 140325)
DUNN, John. Able Seaman RNVR (P/ESD/X 1194)
PRICE, Henry, Able Seaman (P/JX 298882)
PRIOR, John A., Ldg. Cook (S) (P/MX 58339)
PURNELL, Ernest E., Steward (P/JX 27072)
RADCLIFFE, Frank L., Petty Officer (P/JX 149302)
READ, Norman A., Act. Able Seaman (P/JX 264189)
DUNNE, Bernard, ERA 4th Class (P/MX 69518)
EDMED, Frederick R., Air Mechanic (L) (FAA/SFX 2577)
EDMONDS, Frederick C., Ldg. Radio Mechanic (P/MX 80696)
ELLINGWORTH, Walter, ERA 4th Class (P/MX 61374)
ETHERIDGE, P. J. H. B., Able Seaman (P/JX 162467)
REES, Thomas G. R., Ord. Seaman (P/JX 383835)
REEVES, Stanley A., Able Seaman (P/SSX 33980)
RICHARDSON, James E., Able Seaman (P/JX 142450)
RIDDELL, Arthur, Stoker 1st Class (P/KX 116683)
RITCHIE, Peter, Ord. Seaman (P/JX 323387)
EVANS, Sydney, Able Seaman (P/SSX 19345)
FINLAY, Thomas B., Stoker 1st Class (P/KX 114822)
FORRESTER, Thomas, Able Seaman (P/JX 169364)
FOWLER, Denis, Ldg. Supply Assistant (P/MX 58607)
FRETWELL, James A. D., Act. Ldg. Seaman (P/JX 155215)
ROBBS, Guy, Able Seaman (P/JX 225894)
ROWLANDS, Charles B., Able Seaman (P/SSX 33136)
SALT, Arthur, Ord. Seaman (P/TX 310483)
SAMSON, Clarence T., Act. Able Seaman (P/JX 275929)
SAYERS, Henry R., Act. Stoker 1st Class (P/KX 137640)
GARLAND, Wallace, Blacksmith 5th Class (P/MX 98625)
GARNHAM, lvan F., Engineman (LT./KX 108994)
GATES, James A., Cook (O) 1st Class (P/LX 20380)
GEDDES, Alfred J., Able Seaman (P/SR 16593)
GILSON, George, Ldg. Writer (P/MX 72199)
SCOTT, Harold G., Ord. Seaman (P/JX 383761)
SEEKINS, Albert E., Yeoman of Signals (P/JX 164424)
SHACKELL, Gilbert, Able Seaman (P/JX 295053)
SHARP, Henry D., Signalman (P/JX 245668)
SHARP, Dennis J., Petty Officer (P/JX 144369)
GLENTON, Ralph, Shipwright 4th Class (P/MX 72164)
GODFREY, Robert T., Wireman (D/MX 90518)
GOODALL, John, Act. Able Seaman (P/JX 275939)
GOODISON, William S., Act. Stoker PO (P/KX 88312)
GRAHAM, James, Stoker 2nd Class (P/KX 150494)
SHARROCK, Roger, Act. Ldg. Stoker (P/KX 116237)
SHELLEY J. F., Able Seaman (P/SSX 34049)
SILVERS, George A., Stoker 2nd Class (D/KX 140152)
SINCLAIR, Walter, Air Mechanic 2nd Class (FAA/SFX 2700)
SINFIELD, James H. B., Able Seaman (P/JX 275920)
GRAVELL, John, Able Seaman (P/JX 276722)
GRAY, John E., Able Seaman (P/JX 296991)
GREEN, Leslie J., Able Seaman (P/JX 297200)
GREENWOOD, Robert E., Act. Able Seaman (P/JX 275923)
GRIEVES, Robert, Stoker PO (P/KX 83235)
SKEVINGTON, Dennis, Ord. Seaman (C/JX 351355)
SKIPPER, Leonard, Able Seaman (P/J 97591)
SMITH, Albert J., Petty Officer Writer (P/MX 60790)
SMITH, Frederick J. H., Act. Ldg. Stoker (P/KX 91476)
SMITH, John, Ord. Seaman (C/JX 351363)
GRIFFIN, Peter W., Ord. Coder (P/JX 357968)
HAMON, Wilfred J., Air Artificer 4th Class (FAA/FX 75599)
HANSELL, Reginald S., Stoker 1st Class (P/KX 112579)
HARDISTY, Victor, Sick Berth Attendant (P/MX 85708)
HARFIELD, Gilbert, Act. Ldg. Seaman (P/JX 131418)
SMITH, Ronald, Asst. Steward (P/LX 28632)
SOLOMON, William A., Stoker 2nd Class (P/KX 140096)
SPROSTON, Philip M., Telegraphist RNV(W)R (P/WRX 995)
STOKES, John, Able Seaman (P/JX 207904)
STRANGE, Leonard L., Able Seaman (P/JX 275701)
HARMER, Sydney G., Able Seaman (P/SSX 25973)
HARTNELL, Albert E., Chief Petty Officer (P/JX 52807)
HAWKINS, George C., Stoker 1st Class (P/SKX 284)
HAYES, Alan B., Act. Ldg. Seaman (P/JX 177967)
HAYES, John, Supply Petty Officer (P/MX 55412)
STURGEN, Eric C., Act. Able Seaman (P/JX 275972)
SUMMERS, William E., Act. Able Seaman (P/JX 275932)
SUTHERLAND, Donald, Ldg. Steward (P/LX 24168)
SYKES, Stanley, Able Seaman (P/SSX 20586)
TAIT, James A., Supply Assistant (D/MX 67603)
HEAD, Derrick G., Asst. Cook (S) (P/MX 100867)
HIBBERD, William A., Act. Able Seaman (P/JX 272523)
HIGGINBOTTOM, James, Ord. Seaman (P/JX 285755)
HILL, Kenneth A., Ldg. Sick Berth Attendant (P/SBRX 8098)
HINDMARCH, Thomas, Able Seaman (P/JX 192655)
TAYLOR, James R., Able Seaman (P/JX 106673)
TAYLOR, John R., Stoker 1st Class (P/KX 145146)
THOMAS, David R., Able Seaman (P/JX 264451)
THOMPSON, Arthur L., Asst. Steward (P/LX 29529)
THOMPSON, George F., Able Seaman (P/JX 169400)
HOAD-REDDICK, Cecil P., Act. Petty Officer (P/J 96202)
HODGES, Arthur G., Petty Officer Cook (S) (P/MX 49626)
HOLE, James A., Able Seaman (P/JX 295012)
HOLLOWAY, Reginald J., Act. Petty Officer (P/JX 147346)
HORSFIELD, Ernest R., Ord. Seaman (C/JX 351282)
THOMSON, Alexander J., Asst. Cook (S) (P/MX 100860)
THORNE, Robert, Able Seaman (P/JX 214398)
THURSTON, Roy E. W., Able Seaman (P/JX 322435)
TURLE, Ronald, Act. Ldg. Seaman (P/JX 179147)
TURNER, Harold R., Able Seaman (P/JX 215247)
HOWARD, Alec E., Able Seaman (P/JX 275971)
HOWARD, Harry R., Act. Able Seaman (P/JX 275944)
HOWARD, Robert W., Stoker 1st Class (P/KX 114891)
HOYLE, Harold, Act. ERA 4th Class (P/MX 88531)
HUDSON, Ernest L., Act. Ldg. Stoker (P/KX 114350)
TURNER, Herbert E., Cook (S) (P/MX 89806 )
TURNER, Leonard P., Telegraphist (D/JX 190850)
TWIG, John M. H., Able Seaman (P/JX 298039)
WALKER, William J., Able Seaman (P/JX 274856)
WARD, Sidney T., Able Seaman (P/JX 296266)
HUGHES, Roger F., Able Seaman (P/JX 298214)
HYDE, Bertram T., Petty Officer Steward (P/L 13564 )
JAMES, Edmund, Able Seaman (P/JX 296267)
JEAVONS, John R. H., Stoker 1st Class (P/KX 100202)
JELLYMAN, Leonard, Asst. Steward (P/LX 31925)
WARRINGTON, Frank S., Act. Able Seaman (P/JX 324536)
WATHEN, Leslie F., Act. Able Seaman (P/JX 262800)
WATSON, George E., Cook (0) (P/MX 80603)
WATSON, Herbert J., Ldg. Stoker (P/KX 57540)
WATSON, Leslie., ERA 4th Class (P/MX 79015)
JENKINS, Leonard, Act. Able Seaman (P/JX 275958)
JESSE, Ralphe F., Petty Officer (P/JX 127366)
JOCK, Charley, Ldg. Seaman (P/JX 25826 )
JOHNSON, Reginald F., Act. Ldg. Seaman (P/JX 158233)
JOHNSON, Rupert, Asst. Steward (P/LX 29528)
WEEKS, Albert, Act. Joiner 4th Class (P/MX 98498)
WESTWOOD, Arthur C., Supply Assistant (P/MX 67638)
WHITCHER, Charles A. L., Petty Officer (P/J 96534 )
WHITFIELD, George H., Act. Able Seaman (P/JX 261433)
WILDE, Clifford J., Act. Able Seaman (P/JX 295063)
JONES, Cyril, Act. Ldg. Seaman (P/SSX 31225)
JONES, Wilfred, Ord. Signalman (P/JX 250240)
KENMURE, Adam, Able Seaman (P/SSX 36273)
KINCH, Peter C., Ord. Seaman (P/JX 381620)
KNOWLES, William A., Able Seaman (P/JX 266568)
WILKES, Leslie G., Act. Able Seaman (P/JX 294959)
WILKINSON, Arthur E. Ord. Artificer 4th Class (P/SMX 475)
WILLIAMS, Laurence M., Able Seaman (P/JX 322688)
WILLIAMSON, Leslie, Act. Able Seaman (P/JX 276721)
WILSON, Claude P., Act. Able Seaman (P/JX 233448)
LAGRANGE, Robert L., Ord. Artificer 4th Class (P/JX 221680)
LAIRD James, Steward (P/LX 25243 )
LANGEVIN, George C., Ldg. Seaman (P/JX 221679)
LEACH, John W., Stoker 1st Class (P/KX 113093)
LEADBEATER, Sidney, Able Seaman (P/SSX 36279)
WOODGER, George P., PO Telegraphist (P/JX 132854)
WOOLLARD, John D. E., Ord. Seaman (P/JX 326455)
WORKMAN, John T., Able Seaman (P/JX 164175)
WRIGHT, Gordon H., Seaman RNR (P/X 107238)
YOST, John E. B., Shipwright 3rd Class (P/MX 50081


GIBSON, Roland G., RN Canteen Assistant (C/NX 949)
NIGHTSCALES, Norman, Writer (SANF 68148) S. African
POWNEY, Jack G., RN Canteen Manager (C/NX 1800)
THOMSON, Albert J., RN Jnr. Canteen Asst. (C/NX 441)


Individual names are located on various Naval Memorial Sites including Portsmouth, Dartmouth, and Chatham
Royal Marines on the Fidelity are also listed on a Plaque in St. Andrew's Chapel, Chale, Isle of Wight

Also a memorial plaque discovered in a Liverpool church was attached to the pulpit, and rededicated in November 2004.


GRANT-DALTON, H.W.F., Captain, RM TRASK, W.A.H., Lt., RM
ANDREWS, Charles, Marine (PL/X 1674)
ANSON, Harry J., Marine (PO/X 100156)
APPLEBY, William T., Marine (PL/X 2597)
BASHAM, Cyril E., Marine (PL/X 3085)
BOOTHROYD, Geoffrey, Marine (PO/X 3189)
LEDBURY, David R N., Marine (PO/X 5001)
McDOWELL, Ernest, Marine (PO/X 3758)
McGEE, Joseph C., Marine (PL/X 3027)
METCALFE, Reginald H., Marine, Act. Temp. Corporal (PO/X 2450)
MILO, Frederick C., Marine (PL/X 2430)
BRADLEY, William J., Marine (PL/X 3580)
BROWNBRIDGE, Robert W, Marine (CH/X 1085)
CHAPMAN, Charles C., Marine (EX/ 1169)
DIXON, David G., Marine, Act. Temp. Corporal (PL/X 2699)
EDWARDS, Maurice A., Marine (PO/X 4386)
NASH, Thomes, Marine (CH/X 2218)
OBORN, Arthur R., Marine (PO/X 2308)
O'BRIEN, Edward S., Marine (PO/X 1309)
PALMER, John, Marine (PL/X 3323)
PANTER, Howard D., Marine (PO/X 107976)
FARRELL, Robert, Marine (PO/X 2501)
FISK, George E., Marine (PO/X 315)
GOODYEAR-KETTLEY, F. R., Marine (PL/X 3095)
HEBDEN, Richard, Marine (PO/X 4047)
HENDERSON, Alfred W., Marine, Temp. Sergeant (CH/X 1123)
PARKER, Robert S., Marine (PL/X 2254)
PAYNE, George T., Marine (PO/X 4374)
PEMBER, Henry D. H. A., Marine (EX/ 3500)
RICHMOND, James A., Marine (EX/ 3778)
SALAMAN, Hugh L., Marine (PL/X 104581)
HERD, Alexander F., Marine (EX/ 3189)
HEWSON, William B., Marine (PO/X 2397)
HILDRETH, Harry L., Marine (PO/X 104141)
HILL, Reginald H., Marine (PL/X 3235)
HUMPHRIES, Harry, Marine (PL/X 2458)
SAUNDERS, R .T. C., Marine (CH/X 1276)
SEABROOK, John J. L., Marine (CH/X 1934)
SHOCKLEY, Harry W., Marine (PO/X 101827)
SIMMONDS, Joseph F., Marine, Temp. Corporal (PO/X 3601)
SWATTON, Vernon, DSM, Marine, Act. Temp. Corporal (PO/X 2317)
HUTCHINSON, James, Marine (CH/X 2331)
JAMES, Russell K., Marine (PO/X 108891)
JEFFERS, Michael, Marine (PO/X 105426)
KELLY, John F., Marine( CH/X 2555)
LAGOR, Reginald A., Marine (PL/X 3859)
THOMSON, Ronald, Marine, Act. Temp. Corporal (EX/ 3948)
TRUMP, William C., Marine (CH/X 104658)
TURNER, Roland C., Marine (CH/X 2632)
TWIDALE, Thomas, Marine (EX/ 3870)
WAKEFIELD, Jack H., Marine (CH/X 1417)
WILSON, Desmond J, Marine (CH/X 2546)
Many thanks to Paul Young, who supplied the list of men aboard the Fidelity, including the survivors.
His maternal grandfather, G. E. Moule, an Able Seaman on the Fidelity, was amongst  those lost.

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