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HADDINGTON, Alan: taught at Nakuru Technical School (now Nakuru High) from 1964 to 1973.  Would like to contact students and staff from that period or people he knew in Nakuru.

HADDOW, Alastair D. Went to school at Manor House in Kitale, 1957-63. Lived in Entebbe between 1949 and 1965.

HAGGIE family. Parents (Hilda & Derek) farmed in Kimkaren (Turbo) and Kedong Valley. See also entries for children: Norman Haggie, Christopher Haggie and <Elizabeth (Haggie) Appling.

HAGGIE, Elizabeth, see APPLING

HAGGIE, Norman : . Son of Hilda & Derek (Haggie family), brother of Christopher and of  Elizabeth (Haggie) Appling. Norman attended Kaptagat, Manor House, and then DOY. Now living in USA and South America.

HAIG-THOMAS, Hugo and David: My older brother David and I arrived in Kenya with our mother in 1950. We lived first in Eldoret where we both attended the Loreto Convent (Eldoret) Primary School, followed by Thomson’s Falls School. In 1953, we moved to Nakuru, and our mother remarried in 1954. Our step-father ‘Cocky’ Lamb was in the Kenya Regiment at that time. Later, we lived in Karen, Kikuyu, Nairobi, and Mombasa, and often stayed with our maternal grandparents in Turbo. Other schools that I attended were Nakuru Primary, Woodley Primary, Mombasa Primary, DOY, and the Moslem Institute, while David attended St. Mary’s (Nairobi). David left Kenya in 1961 and attended art college. He now lives in Croydon in southern London. I left Kenya in 1964 and went to Cambridge, later joining the Diplomatic Service. I now live in Kew in SW London. We would both be interested in meeting people that we knew from our Kenya days, especially anyone from Thomson’s Falls School.

HALEEM, Abdul: I was born in Makindu and I was one year old when my parents moved to Mombasa. I studied  Mechanical Engineering at MIOME (1959-63) then moved to Manchester to carry-on my studies in engineering. In UK, I worked at various engineering organizations until I retired 4 years ago. I now run my own small computer build/repair company to keep myself ”in-sane”. Would love hear from other students who were at MIOME and those who remember me in Mombasa. I used to live Near Stadium.

HALL, Bill: Worked in Smith Mackenzie‘s British India Line Agency at Mombasa, Zanzibar, Dar and Tanga from 1951 to 1973.  Children born Mombasa and Tanga. Would like to get in touch with old acquaintances or anyone interested.  Now in Northamptonshire.

HALL, David and Carrie, who were friends of David Waldron and his family in Mombasa in the 1950s and 1960s. Any information, please contact Bev Waldron.

HALL, John: Lived in Egypt (1946-48), Bulawaya, Rhodesia (1948-52), Tanganyika (attended Kongwa School 1952-57). In Nairobi, Kenya (1957-62). I was an apprentice with EAR&H, and was in KRTC, ‘O’ Company. I lived in New Zealand (1962-65), and served with the Rhodesia Security Forces (1969-79. I lived in Cape Town , RSA from 1979-93, and am now living in New Zealand. So many lost friends: I would like to hear from you all.

HALL, Robert Wilson: Seeking contact with Alistair and Kenneth Gamble, Peter and Erika Sprossan, Janet Craig. All sons and daughters of around my age (born 1941) of Deck Officers and Engineers of the EAR&H Marine Division (Lakes and Rivers) Steamers. We lived and played together in the 1945-1955 era.

HALLETT, Allen: Grew up in Kitale in the 1950s & early ’60s. Attend  Kitale Primary (Falcon), POW 1961-1965 (Scott), and Stalkie Chadwick.  Married to > Jenny SHOYER (Mombasa & Nairobi).  Now living in the Natal Midlands.  From Game Ranger to full-time Wildlife Sculptor.  Web page

HALLIWELL, Jim: Attended Cavina in the early 1970s, and remembers Harry Horne, Ross and Ian Cowley, and Sean Murphy. I was Head Boy, and still remember Mr. Massey.

HAMILTON, Colin: Good wishes to those who knew me during my days with TBC in Dar es Salaam, and KBC (as it was) in Nairobi. Returned a few times – once to record a special edition of “Outlook” for the BBC World Service – and was startled on each occasion at the way the place had changed. Am in touch with a handful of “old hands” in UK, Australia and NZ. Have just retired from broadcasting and shall be leaving London to live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico… where passers-by would be welcome! Labda tutaweza kuzungumza juu ya siku za zamani sana!

 HANDLEY, Albert Frederick John: My grandfather was born in London in 1872. He joined the military and served in Egypt, Sudan, and South Africa from 1891 to 1902, when he bought his discharge. He married my grandmother and my mother was born in 1907. He left the family then, and may have moved to Kenya. In 1914, he returned to London and rejoined the army, serving in France and rising to the rank of Major in the Royal Army Service Corp. In 1924, he left the army and in 1927 he was married again, this time to Evelyn Ann Saunders. He must have returned to Kenya. He died in 1934 at the Kendu Mission Hospital in Kisii. I would love to discover what he did in Kenya both before World War I, and later, i.e. 1924/1927 to 1934. Any information, please contact Denis Creighton

HANEGRAAF, T. (Cavina, 1970s), please contact  Aidan Basnett.

HANSEN, Chris: Worked at Entebbe Airport in the 1950s, contactDavid Horley.

HARI, Rashmi: Attended Greenacres School (Limuru) from 1981-84. I was a boarder there while my parents were in Sudan. We returned to India in ’84 when the civil war began in Sudan. My childhood days in Africa are amongst my most cherished memories and I would like to visit again sometime. I now live and work in Bangalore, India. I would like to find old friends from those days. (1981-84).

HARRINGTON, Sue (née THOMAS): Attended St. George’s School (from the very first day), then Kenya Girls High School (Curie), before going to school in England.

HARRIS, Jennifer, see RIBEIRO

HARTOG, Jill:Please contact Rob Donaldson, who lived in Tanga in the early 1950s.


HARVEY, Geoffrey from St. George’s School (Nairobi) in 1954, please contact Jeffrey J. Webb.

HARWOOD, Diane, see CREW

HARWOOD, Graham, please contact Liz (Griffiths) Crosbie.

 >HARWOOD, Sandra ‘Sandy’ (née Nicholson): I attended Lushoto between 1965-1969.

HATTER, Richard: attended Arusha School 1966-1970. Would love to hear from former school friends or anyone who remembers the Hatter family (Alan, Doreen, Richard, Peter and Antony). We lived at St. Andrew’s Teacher Training College in  Korogwe and used to visit all over Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

HATTER family: If you remember Alan, Doreen, Richard, Peter, or Anthony, please contact Richard Hatter.

HAY family: Gilgil, early 1960s; if you remember them, please contact Kelia Hay.

HAY, Colin: Worked at Olivetti in 1964 and drove a red sports car! Contact Sue (Riglin) Hunt.

HAY, Kelia was in Kenya 1961-1963 went to Alanbrooke School (Gilgil). She is interested in contacting anyone who remembers her family.

HAY, Robert: Attended Molo Primary School Jan 1956 to June 1962.

HAYES, Peter: I went to Nairobi Primary between 1959 and 1961. We lived in Kenya for 3 years while my father, a quantity surveyor for John Howards, who worked on the construction of the Kahawa Military Barracks just out of Nairobi. We moved to Tanganyika now Tanzania  from Kenya where we lived for 6 years before moving to the UK. I am a Chartered Accountant and now with my brother and my wife Jennifer in Perth WA. I would like to track down a good friend of mine by the name of Gianni Porter who also went to Nairobi Primary and continued at the school after I left.

HEALEY-PICKWILL, Annette. Lived in Mombasa 1970-73, where daughter Sheena was born. Neighbours were Allisons, Andersons, Alan Mulcock, Henry Forde (of Kenya Box). Played hockey at Mombasa Sports Club.

HELLER, Robert & Stephanie Heller: late from Nakuru, would like to hear from their “lost” friends.


HEMPHILL, David, of Kisagori Farm, Mau Summit. David inherited the pyrethrum farm from his uncle in the early 1950s. He’d now be in his eighties, and probably left Kenya. Please contact Peter Wright with any information about his former shipmate.

HENCIE, Akram: Born in Pangani, lived in Pangani, Eastleigh, Woodly, Westlands, Forest Road, Parklands areas of Nairobi. I was in Technical High School 1955 to 1959, and now live in Calgary, Canada. Love to hear from my classmates and Survey of Kenya colleagues

HENDERSON, Roderick: Born in Nairobi 1954. Kilimani Primary, then Pembroke House 1962-66. Temporarily in UK but soon to live permanently in Fiji as Director of a Luxury Resort Hotel Group. Love to hear from old Pembroke boys.

 HENDRY, VIVIAN (née CRESSWELL) My family was in Kenya from 1948 until 1980 when my father, Harry Cresswell, died. My father had several jobs over the years but started off with The Colonial Service. I attended Nairobi Primary School (1957-1960) and Delamere Girls High School (1961-1964). I left Kenya in 1965 for UK where I became a nurse and married.

HENSHER, John. I lived in Kenya from 1954 to 1961. My father, Alfred Hensher, worked for EAP&T. The family lived in Mwenzi Gardens (South Hill), also Riverside Drive, and at the Post Office Training School in Mbagathi (Langata) just outside Nairobi on the Magadi Road opposite the Nairobi game park.

HESSE, Jennie (Roy): Daughter of Tim and Joan Roy (both deceased). Lived in Tanganyika (Iringa) then moved to Kericho (Brooke Bond) and on to Nairobi from 1947 to 1970. At Westlands Primary, Thomsons Falls and Limuru!  Married, two boys, and now living in Brisbane, Australia after a time in South Africa and New Zealand.

HEWETT, Helen. Attended Nairobi Primary in the 1950s, contact David Horley.

HICKMAN, Charmaine (née TEESDALE): Born Mombasa 1941. Attended Mombasa Primary, Nyeri Primary and KHS (Nightingale 1955-59). Travelled  to UK, HK and Australia.  Married Nigel Hickman in UK 1966. and have two offspring.  Now live on small farm near Albany, Western Australia. Website:



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Avril Coutts (1961-62)

Alistair King

 Cicely (Luck) Van Straten

Linda (Shivelton) Whiscombe

Yvonne (Stokes) Rushforth (1960s)

Cicely Van Straten (nee Luck)

Joan (Williamson) Gasson



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Nisar Ahmed Butt (1960s)

Tahir Ahmed Mirza (1960s)

Kishor Mistry (1960s)

Abdullah Siwaad(1960s)


HILBOURNE, Tony: Attended POW (Clive), 1957-1961. Left Kenya in 1962.

HILDEBRAND, Elsebeth  (née MIDDELBOE): Born in Gigil 1951, have a twin sister called Susan, Ulrik is my half brother, and brother called Peter. We have lived in many parts of Kenya. I went to Nyeri Primary in the1950s/60s. Went to the Kenya High School from 1965-67, was in Huxley House. Worked at Gertrude’s Garden Hospital for children in Muthaiga before leaving for Cambridge in 1970. Left England and went to Denmark. Now living in Copenhagen and married to a Dane . Anybody who knows me, please get in touch.

HILL, Christine ‘Chilly’ please contact Jenny (Harris) Ribeiro

HILL, Heather: Please contact Julia Barnie who remembers you from Nairobi in the 1980s.



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Sue Gray (1960s)


HILL SCHOOL, Eldoret (Kenya):

Hill School was founded in 1944 using the buildings and on the site of a former air force (RAF) administrative barracks . When one of the dormitories was destroyed by fire in 1951, (in which a pupil died), the school was relocated up the hill and rebuilt. In 1956 students from the nearby primary Highlands School (formerly Central School, Eldoret) were amalgamated into the Hill School when the secondary section of Highlands School was converted into an all girls’ secondary school. See photos. See also school websites . To contact someone on this list, please click the highlighted name.To have your name added to this list of former students and staff, please contact the webmaster.

 Linde (Bedell) Watson, teacher (1958-60)

Peter Beer (1960s)

 Billy Christian (now Stanley THOMPSON), 1948-1955

Myra (Cooke) Fox (1959-1964)

Avril Coutts (1959-1960

Harold Cruickshank

 Janssen Davies (1957-1962)

Ian Gardiner

 Jimmie Grant (1945-??)

Jenny (Harris) Ribeiro (1952-??)

André Jannink (1955-1961)

Alistair King  (1957-1961)

Ray Knowles

Dave Lichtenstein 1950-1956

Malcolm McCrow (1950s)

Rose (Miller) Pearce (1957-1960)

Robin ‘Dingo’ Plenderleith (1943-1945)

Ian Rossenrode

Janet (Rossenrode) Collinson

Rosalind (Smith) Wallqvist

Trevor Watson, teacher (1959-1960)

Joan (Williamson) Gasson


HILLCREST SECONDARY: See also school websites.

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Ian, Donald & Gordon Humphries (1970s)

Ron & Heather Marks (teachers, 1980-85)

Bas Van de Weg (1970s)


HILLIER, Andrew (known as “Bill”) Grew up in Kitale, went to Loreto Eldoret, Kitale Primary and DOY (1961-66), university in Cape Town. Taught at Manor House, Kitale and Cavina. In UK for 13 years. Moved to Western Australia in 1986, and now in Perth. Married to Gail MacLeod (ex-Boma), 2 sons, 20 and 22. Author of DOY web site:

HINES, Darrell: born Kenya 1966. Went to Pembroke 1973-78. Left Kenya 1983. Now in Cayman Islands.

HIRST, Jackie: see JARDINE


 HOARAU, Roy: My family was based in Kampala, Uganda, but I went to Saint Mary’s School (Nairobi) from 1961-1969. I now live in Perth, Western Australia, and have been here since 1971. I would like to get in touch with old school mates.

HOBBS, Vivien (née HUGILL): Born in Eldoret 10/10/58, and brought up in Nandi Hills, where my family were Tea Planters. Schooled at: St. Andrews, Turi, Molo. Returned to UK in 1977. I am now living and working in London as a Reflexologist and Aromatherapist (mainly in hospital settings). Love to hear from you if you knew me!

HOBSON, Isabel: see POOK

HOBSON, Stephen: Steve arrived in Kenya from Yorkshire in August 1949, with his mother, his brother John Barry Hobson (now in Kent) and sister Isabel (Pook) Hobson (now living near Oxford). Their mother Bessie Hobson later became the Head Mistress of the Mombasa Kindergarten School. Their father, Jack Hobson, was already in Mombasa, having moved there from Tanganyika after the failture of the groundnut scheme. Later, Jack Hobson was a partner in Kenya Casements, a Mombasa firm that manufactured steel and galvanised window frames. Steve attended the Mombasa Primary School, Nairobi Primary School, and the Duke of York School (Mitchell House, 1957-60). In December 1960, he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with 5 friends, but was the only one to reach KMS. In July 1961, he went to sea as a deck cadet with the British India Line. He has lived in Switzerland since 1978. He and his wife Beryl have 3 grown sons–Ben, Nick and Nathan.

HOFFMAN, Colleen: Please contactRichard Hatterfrom Arusha School (1966-70).

HOGG, Mark: We moved to Uganda in 1964. My father, Douglas Hogg, was area Manager for British United Airways. I attended Nakassero school in Kampala. In 1967, I went to St. Mary’s in Nairobi, leaving in 1970 to go to school in UK. I have wonderful memories of those years, though cannot remember many names of friends at the time. So feel free to contact me if you remember me or my family. URL:

HOLGATE, Maureen: Please contact Patricia (Morgan) McLean

HOLLAND, Margaret: attended Kenya High (1951-53). Please contact New Email as at July 21, 2010 Avril “Billie” (Walker) MULLER.

HOLMAN, John (brother of Janet & Pauline) who was at St. George’s School (Nairobi) in 1954, please contact Jeffrey J. Webb

HOLMES, Christopher ‘Chris’: My family and I arrived in Nairobi just prior to the Uhuru celebrations in 1963 and the first school I attended was Woodley Primary for a term or so when I and many other children had to switch to Kilimani Primary. Once there, my school work suffered and I was sent to a private school run by a Mrs. McCorrmick (?) who was a retired teacher. After returning to England on leave around 1965 or 1966, we were relocated to Nakuru. There I attended Lugard Primary School from 1966 to 1968. When I began, I believe that the headmistress was a Miss Small, and Mr. Dunford was headmaster when I left. There were breaks in my time at Lugard, short stays in England, but I remember that we had a very bright Japanese girl in our class whose name (I think) was Mariko. Her brother Takashi was taught by my mother at the Creche. There were also Americans, but Mark Powell is the only name that I remember now. Richard Sylvester was a good friend, as was Urmil Laxman.

HOLMES, Lynne, see KLEIN.

HOOK, see Philip SHERWIN

HOOPER, Ken:lived in Nairobi from 1956 till 1968 worked or Kettles Roy and Tysons for the first two years and then with Auto Armatures E.A. Married Mariele Bianchi and have two children, Anthony and Lynda. They now have two children of their own. All in Australia.

HOPKINS, Liz (née Ruben) is trying to contact Peter Jarin who was adopted by the Aron family (genealogical research).

HOPKINSON, Niel and Pete, who were friends of David Waldron and his family in Mombasa in the 1950s and 1960s. Any information, please contact Bev Waldron.

HORGAN, Eric Sealy:  Information wanted regarding Horgan lived in the Kitali area during the 1950s and 1960s. He moved from Uganda to live in Kenya having been CMO in the Anglo Sudan Service. He was close friends with Sir Eric Pridy and several other prominent members of society whose families may have information they may care to share. Contact Noel Kelly. Director & Chief Technology Officer, ETP, The Structured Project Management Company, Athi, Co. Kildare, Ireland (phone/fax on request).

HORLEY, David: b. Nairobi 1938; Kitali Primary, Nakuru Primary, Hill School Eldoret; Nairobi Primary, POW. Worked at Entebbe, Nairobi & Dar Airports. Now in Gladstone, Qld, Australia.

HORLEY, John: Attended Turi, Parklands, Nairobi Primary Schools, and served in the Kenya Regiment. Worked At Rice Motors, then I did an Engineering Apprenticeship with East African Airways. Kenya from 1945 to 1963. My father Noel Horley taught at the Prince of Wales School from 1946 to 1962. Moved to New Zealand,and retired in Australia.

HORN, H. (Cavina, 1970s), please contact Aidan Basnett

HORSFALL, George, last heard of in Johannesburg. Anyone who knows his present whereabouts, please contact Alvery George (via Sue Nundy) who wants to know what happened to his old friend.

HORSFALL, Johnny, who left Kenya to join the Navy about 1962, contact Denise (Brightman) Ryan.



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Julie Aliker

Gillian (Brodie) Shevlin.

Bernard Conn (staff, 1967-71)

Pete Fettner (1970s)

John Fulmer (1960s)

Amreen Jamal

Gordon King (1960s)

Elizabeth (Triplett) Blakelock (1969 – 2nd & 3rd grade



HOWARD, Ron: Attended Kongwa 1949-1956. Member of Kenya Regiment O Company 1958-1963. Worked for EAR&H 1957-1963.

HOWARD, Sandra: Lived in Njombe. School Mbeya 1961-1963, Arusha 1963-1965. Now live in East Anglia.

HOWARD, Sue (née COWIE): Attended Farm School Ol Kalou 1948, St. Andrews Turi 1949-51, St. George’s Primary Nairobi 1952, Limuru Girl’s School 1953-54; Kenya Girl’s High (Mitchell House) 1955-57, and Reeswood Secretarial College 1958.

HOWEY, Rolande: My father worked out of Mombasa in 1957-58 for the PWD as a paymaster on the Mombasa/Nairobi Road. I was only a child but we enjoyed going on working trips with him. We lived just south of the island across the ferry (I think the name of the ferry was the Likoni Ferry). I remember being taken to the Shelly Beach Hotel many times and staying at the Voi Hotel on many  of my father’s trips.

HUGHES, Brian: (ex St Mary’s) who worked at the KCC Ltd. in Sotik, please contact<ahref=””>Dave Lichtenstein

HUGHES, Denise (née Cox): Went to Nairobi Primary and Delamere Girls High.  Left Nairobi in 1964 and now live north of Auckland New Zealand.  Married with 3 adult sons.

HUGHES, Paul, who was a student with Ryder & Turner (Private Tutors) in 1961-63. Please contact David Skinner.

HUGILL, Vivien: see HOBBS

HUMAN, Nigel : b. Mombasa1952, moved to Nairobi in 1960. Attended Kilimani School in 1960, then Cavina from 1961, and DOY in 1966. Went to N. Ireland in 1967. After getting bombed out in 1970, he moved to Warwickshire, England. Now living in South London, near Croydon.

HUMPHREYS, John. In Kenya 1947-98. Nondies, Tuskers rugby, Kenya regt., Mitchell Cotts, African Tours & Hotels. Wilson Aeroclub, Mnarani, Seafarers, Nomads & various other salubrious drinking dens. Now living in Lincolnshire, England.

HUMPHREYS, Peter: Attended Nakuru and POW schools. Kenya Regiment, railway construction Mikumi-Kilosa and Ruvu Mnvusi. His website includes a page about Kenya..

HUMPHRIES family: Don & Hilda Humphries (EAP&L) 1962-1971 and sons, Ian, Donald and Gordon (Westlands, Kitale, Muthaga, Cavina, Hillcrest). Previously in Uganda and then to Zambia.

HUNT, Cedric: Attended Molo Primary 1961-65, and all these years later, I still think of Kenya as home. Some of the happiest days of my life.

HUNT, John: Attended Manor House Preparatory School 1966-1971.

HUNT, Sue (née RIGLIN), Lived in Nairobi and Nakuru. Went to St Georges then KGH, Baden-Powell. Student teacher at Nairobi Primary School 1963/64 Went to Brighton, England 1964 for teacher training! Now lives south of Vancouver, in British Columbia, Canada. Has 3 daughters and 2 grandchildren.

HUSSAIN, Dilber, from Nairobi, please contact Akram Hencie

HUTTON, Chris: Born in Kampala Uganda in 1959. From 1967-72 attended Kenton College. In 1972, left Kenya and lived in the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean and Hong Kong. Returned to Kenya 1976 and went to Merlin Tutors. Left Kenya in 1978. (URL:

HYATT, Vanessa: please contact Deborah or her brother Nigel Olszeski, who remember you from Nakasero School in late 1960s and early 1970s.

HYLAND family; please contact Steve Bayliss.