Safety Is Important In Trading

Digital or virtual currency is the most popular topic that people discuss these days. Everyone is looking for a way to enter this attractive arena and is looking for some exclusive tips and ideas. Every now and then a new software program enters the market claiming huge profits for the investors. Most of these are so similar that it is difficult to distinguish the genuine ones from the fraudulent ones.

Crypto VIP Club

Now, this is a new system launched as an exclusive trading platform. We checked the credentials and its reliability. Most of the experts and the investors using this platform have given it a positive rating. There is a lot of hard work that has gone into creating this program and that shows in its security and simple interface.  The first question that any trader asks, ‘is it a safe program’? The first aspect of any new program is to ensure good safety and security features. This program accomplishes this criterion perfectly as the developers have used SSL encryption and latest features. Any information that is provided to this platform and monetary transactions are completely secure.

The details of the program

The creator used his experience in the stock market and created this program. The common principles of trading have been assimilated into the robotic software trading program and that is helping people around the world. It also includes the distinctive features of CFD trading. All the amazing features are based on the use of the latest software technology that makes it work smoothly. Any person can use it with ease as the software completes most of the work. The trader just needs to set the limits on his money and decide whether he wants to use the program in an automated mode or manual mode.

Anyone can join

It does not matter whether you have prior experience in trading or software. Anyone who is above the legal age and wants to trade online can open an account by filling the form on the website. The program is exclusive and all the registrations may not get the coveted invite. So if you get that acceptance, immediately pay the requisite amount and start trading.

There is no fee to be paid for registration or trading. Whatever money you deposit, is used for trading. The brokers are genuine and very helpful. Similarly, the customer support is very efficient and always available. The program can be used on any device and works well with all kinds of operating systems.

You can open the account using the form on the official website and start trading. This is a lucrative market and may help you become rich very quickly.

Make profits with the Forex Trading Robot-HBSwiss

The indicators that are used to combine the market strategy and effort to develop knowledge in dealing with forex trading are important to be a successful trader. There are different systems available online to ease the pressure to study countless charts and data which could be a time consuming and challenging task. Though there are no shortcuts to get rich quick, it is the strategy adopted which earns the additional profit which others may miss out on.

Trading from websites is easy

The forex trading system traded on the website is a popular way to get into the markets and reap the benefits when the position gathers the momentum to be favorable for the trader.

  • The trading platforms have many benefits and have the manual and automated trading tool which enables the user to set the parameters like exposure, risk level, number of times to trade in a day, and
  • Other extensive features which minimize the risk and predetermine the profits or loss before executing the trade.
  • As an extensive alternate source of income generation, these financial instruments offered for free online are the best way for a beginner to enter the highly volatile forex currency trading markets and make their strategy work, with the help of the automated trading robots.

How to use the robot trading tool?

The real-time trading conditions  coupled with the complex programming which goes into while designing the software has come into effect for the users to trade, use the automatic trading robot, use free demo trading tool in the brokers’ trading platform  and learn more about it  to get                           the complete understanding on how the basics of the forex trading. Using the robot trading makes the users comfortable on how trade signals are picked and executed for a high chance of winning. One can choose the manual trading option, or a hybrid way to trade from the trading platform like HBSwiss. The payout ratio is important for any trading software usage, the higher the payout; the numbers of users signing up are high. One has to be vigilant about the legitimacy of the software opted as there are scams which come through as normal websites.

How good is the App Version?

The users have the app version which is very useful for smartphone users to download the app and start trading once the account is funded. Dealing in the forex market in paired or solo currencies require a lot of information and analysis which could be a limiting factor for an inexperienced investor, with the help of the free software tools once can reduce the risk and trade round the clock making a consistent profit.

Support Is The Level Where You Should Be A Buyer In The Market

Support is an important part of technical analysis trading because it helps you judge where to enter a trade. Continue reading to know how to use the support levels to look for higher probability trading signals.


The price of a security is driven by supply and demand. Support is formed where the market is expected to turn bullish from and from the level you should be a buyer in the market. The support is the level where the demand is at the maximum and thus the price is expected to become bullish from that level.

What is a support

Support is the level where the demand is expected to be very strong. It is the level from where the price of the security may not fall any further. The logic behind this is that when the price of the asset declines towards the level of support it gets very cheap. This is the price where the buyers are very keen to buy and the sellers are not interested in selling anymore. When the price reaches the support zone the demand will be more than the supply and this will prevent the price of the security to fall below the support level.

The support level may not hold always and there could be a breakdown of the level of support. This means that the bears have overpowered the bulls and have won. When the level of support gets broken this means that the willingness to sell in the market is still there and buyers are not very keen to enter the security.

When the level of support breaks this means that the sellers are ready to sell for an even lower price. Buyers are still not active and may be waiting for a lower level of support. Since a level of support is broken it is now void and a new level of support may be honored which will be placed at a lower level.

Where does the support level get established?

Support levels need to be looking for below the current pic of the asset. You need to look towards your left and down to find a level of support. It could be possible that the security is trading near the support.Technical analysis may not be completely exact and it could get difficult to point out the major support levels. Also, the price could be very volatile which could cause the price to dip a little below the level of support.

It is thus important that you place the stop loss a little lower than the level of support so that it gives room for the price to move before it starts with the upward move.

What makes Bitcoin different from a traditional currency?

The first Bitcoin was mined in the year 2009 and the number of Bitcoin is growing slowly but at a declining rate. This lets you believe that when the 21st millionth Bitcoin will be mined in the year 2140 there will be no more Bitcoin created after that.Find out more about this.

There have been many versions of Bitcoin that have been created and this is known as a fork. The difficulty of these competitors is that to persuade people to follow them. And if a currency is being used by just one person then you cannot really call it a currency.

What can one do with cryptocurrencies?

At least, in theory, one can do anything done with a computer that he wants with the cryptocurrency. When you build a cryptocurrency you turn the worldwide network into a platform that is decentralized and this is used for data processing and data storage.

The uses that are available are however a little limited. Like Bitcoin can be used to make some online payments but only for a few online merchants now. The real world transactions accepting Bitcoin payment is very rare. The other cryptocurrencies are more juvenile. The popularity of the cryptocurrency today is not because what it actually does but what its potential is in the future.

How does it even matter that the cryptocurrency is decentralized?

Cryptocurrency is something like a database that is very fancy. The database of Bitcoin is very vast and it contains details of who owns which Bitcoin and what transactions were actually made between the owners of this cryptocurrency. In other words, it is just a little different from a traditional bank. The banks have details of who owns how much money and what transactions were made between the owners.

But the key difference is that there is no central authority that actually runs this database of Bitcoin. The bank can actually go ahead and edit its database to make changes to your account and the amount of money that you have. This may or may not work in your favor.

ButwithBitcoin this cannot be done. The only authority here is what the network of users decides upon. The authority thus lies on the majority of the Bitcoin users.

This thus makes Bitcoin completely decentralized and out of the hold of a traditional bank. The future of cryptocurrencies thus looks promising and this is the key reason for the huge splurge in demand for cryptocurrencies.

The fascinating world of automated trading

The growth of the stock market reflects the influence technology has on finance. Till the first telegram reduced the time taken by any information to reach its destination in a matter of seconds, technology has literally held the hand of information dissemination. Today one can access information and data real time and this very feature has made it possible to bring stock trading nearer to the normal mortal with little or no experience of the stock market.

Automated trading benefits

Automated trading systems have made trading possible for one and all. These systems use a few analytical features which you can find out from this post on the Q Profit System. Successful systems like this are designed to recognize the variables like macroeconomics, bottom-up stock, sentiment data and other such variants and react accordingly.

As a result, the need to rely on your instincts becomes negligible and this gives the nonprofessional traders an equal chance to participate in stock market trading rife with volatility.

The ability of these trading systems to rely on systematic indicators and configurations gives better results than humans.

Another advantage is that untrained traders can enhance their trading skills by trying out various permutations and combinations with the given metrics and indicators and arrive at a strategy that is most beneficial.

Useful skills that all automated traders must have

  1. Confidence:  Even though the platform is automated working knowledge of the market mechanics is a must if you hope to make some profits. You must understand the charts and get a basic hang of the working of the market. This knowledge will grant the confidence required to trade successfully.
  2. Resilience: There are no foolproof strategies; you must find your own method only through trial and error. The knowledge of the market will be very helpful to play around and identify what works for you. In the process, you may lose some money but you must persist till you strike gold.
  3. Patience: Hours of research and learning will give results; making money is not easy. It requires immense patience with the system and with oneself to master it. You must have the necessary discipline to journal all your methods, strategies, losses and profits to come up with better strategies and techniques.


Trading is not easy; it requires all the above skills to garner profits. There is no guarantee of a 100% success rate from any authentic trading platform becausethe final outcome depends solely on your knowledge of the market and which strategy you adopt. But with patience and diligence, you can hope to bring in the money.

Financial freedom is possible if you know how to achieve it

Do you find yourself engulfed with debts of all sorts – educational, housing, vehicle and so on? Do you find yourself entrapped in this race to finish and constantly striving to pay all the bills and making ends meet?Do you fear a future with no money at your disposal? Do you question yourself if you will ever be free of these shackles and have financial freedom or is it just a distant dream to good to be real?

What does financial freedom mean?

Financial freedom means to have sufficient money at your disposal to lead a comfortable life of your choice doing things that you like. It is the ability to decide when to work and when not to; it is the freedom to choose to not work as you don’t have to worry about unpaid bills and the next square meal; it is the ability to dream and own a house and a vehicle of your choice. Finally, it is the ability to travel the world in comfort without tightening the purse strings more than necessary.

Tips to be free financially

Just like tiny drops of water make an ocean, tiny steps taken in the right direction can help you lead a financially independent life. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Visualize: Any goal is achievable only when you have an aclear picture of what you want. With the goal in sight, you can take the required steps in the right direction.
  2. Be thrifty: If you follow the life of millionaires around the world the one common thing you will see is that they all spend only if necessary. Do not throw away your hard earned money on buying goods which are of no use. Save it for better things.
  3. Consolidate your debts: When you have the money clear all your debts so that you do not end up paying more than the very minimal.
  4. Invest wisely: Seek the help of financial consultants and choose a plan where your money works for you and you earn more than you invest. One of the most sought-after options is trading because if you can crack it you will not only earn well but be your own boss and have the flexibility to do what you want with your money.

There are several popular automated trading systems like the Q Profit System which make trading accessible to even nontraders.Know more about it in this post.


Financial freedom is achievable if you plan your investments wisely, trade successfully and adhere to a disciplined method of spending. Now is the time to secure a better future do not waste it.



The 5 Golden Rules Of CFD Trading

Sure, the CFD trading practice is a profitable venture only when you make your trading moves cautiously! Yes, the underlying principle of the leverage enables the traders to enjoy huge profits that can surpass their actual capital amount. Yet, during the unfavorable situations, the same leverage principle paves way for your financial destruction, which can be possible avoided when you follow the below-mentioned top 5 golden rules of the CFD trading practice.

  • The choice of the trading system matters

Sure, the online way of CFD trading is any day profitable but, do not fail to remember that all the online CFD trading platforms aren’t made the same way. We are not only meaning the brokerage and other associated fees, but also the more important working mechanism of the online system that can pave way for your enhanced profitability and success all the times. That is, certain online CFD platform are human-dependent, while certain others like the sophisticated CFD trading bots are entirely algorithm dependent that enhances the profitable trading position of any trader, including the novice ones. To know more, visit this source!


  • Diversify your portfolio

Any day, investing in various assets allows you to not only achieve a diversified portfolio but also to dilute your risks because even if a particular asset fails, the other might fetch you profits thus nullifying your losses suitably.


  • Remember the 2 percent rule

It is not sensible to invest 100 percent of your capital or even the 50% of your capital on a single trade, due to the fear of facing losses during an unfavorable situation. The best is to follow the 2% rule that is, investing only 2% of your available capital on a single trade that fortifies your trading position by preventing you from totally losing your valuable capital amount.


  • Never venture more money than what you could afford

Although this rule is generic to any trading practice available, in a leveraged product like CFD, its value is even more prominent, as the losses suffered can be as huge as losing your entire capital. Therefore, in order to avoid the financial devastations, which has the capability to devastate your overall peaceful living, always venture that CFD trading position, whose value is affordable to you even in the unfavorable event of losses.


  • Using ‘Stop losses’ are important

Venturing the CFD trading practice, without thinking about the ‘Stop Losses’ is too risky and certainly unwisely. At the same time, you should choose your stop losses wisely so that you could accommodate for the natural ups and downs of the trading practice cautiously. Balance is the key, which can make your trading actions comparatively profitable!



When the binary options market began to grow exponentially one saw a steady increase in the number of automated trading robots. Unfortunately, all the systems were not honest or trustworthy. Names like Fintech Ltd are comparatively new to the trading world but soon have earned the trust of maximum investors. This is the perfect source to know all that you wanted to about Fintech Ltd.

Why is Fintech ltd the most preferred software of all?

This is an automated trading robot that assists with investments in binary options trading. Just like its name, a system is a software designed to suit the needs of the next generation. With revolutionary technology, the system is enabled to work independently on ‘auto-pilot’ mode. This means that the system uses some algorithmic calculations to predict the cost of assets in near future; this information is used to look for worthy deals. The system even executes promising deals with any assistance from the users. The makers of this phenomenal system took special efforts to make sure that even though the system was technologically advanced and complicated, the interface was simplified with user-friendly navigation.

It caters to the needs of all kinds of users and global traders worldwide. This even includes those without any knowledge, qualification or experience of trading. Fintech on its own has been developed to such levels of perfection that it has a high success rate and can assure high profits in almost every trade. It is a source of steady income generation that too without many efforts, this proves it to be an excellent source of secondary income.

The system even provides some great additional features like risk management, where you can adjust the risk level you are willing to take while trading.

What is the procedure to create an account?

The entire system is internet based, so there is practically no need for any downloading or installation.

Creating an account with Fintech Ltd is also very easy. All you need to do is visit the official website and fill out the registration form. It is a simple form that requires nothing more than your relevant details.

Next, you are redirected to one of the pages of one of the most reputed brokers in the business. Here you are to deposit a minimum amount of $250. This is used strictly for investment purposes. The system provides its services completely free of cost without any hidden charges.

Once the transfer is completed successfully, you simply enable the autopilot mode and sit back and earn the profits.

Leverage In Forex Trading

The forex trading practice is highly preferred, not only because it is the largest liquid market in the world but, also, because it is one of the few leveraged trading products available for the traders, which can benefit the trading position and profitability of the trader greatly during a favorable market situation.

Leveraged product – Let’s understand this first

A product is called a leveraged product, when the trader is allowed to compromise on his/her capital amount to engage in a more worthier trading situation, here, the forex trading situation. That is, even if the trader has got a smaller capital, with the help of the margin amount ‘borrowed’ from the broker, the trader enjoys the advantageous situation of maximizing his/her trading position. Now, do not get confused by the term ‘borrow’, as you are not obliged to settle the margin amount to your broker but, only obliged to close your position by the margin call.

Or, to simply put, this margin amount is something that is implicitly offered with any leveraged product like the Forex that allows the trader like you to maximize your returns by venturing a much worthier trading position than that is capable with your actual capital amount.

Why Leverage?

  • Not everyone has the money to venture an expensive forex trading practice and therefore, the concept of leverage can prove advantageous to many such less fortunate traders, thereby improving the participation greatly.
  • The concept of leverage allows any trader to maximize his/her trading position thus, a chance to maximize his/her returns aka the profitability!

Risk involved

Although a leveraged financial product like the forex provides the scope for any trader like you to earn significant returns during a favorable market situation, understand the losses incurred will also be as huge as losing your entire capital amount. This is especially true with the higher leverage value offered by the broker or the trading platform.

How to tackle the risk

Just because the leverage of forex trading practice is risky, that doesn’t mean you should not venture the practice at all! Indeed, you ought to venture the practice by following the given suggestions that would enable you to overcome the risk, appropriately.

  • Choosing a reasonable leverage value

Although losses are painful, you know how much of that pain you can endure or in other words how much amount of money you can ‘safely’ lose without experiencing a devastation and therefore, choose suitable leverage value satisfying your tension-free financial situation.

  • Choose a sophisticated trading platform

If you feel your trading tactics are immature, why not choose a much-sophisticated trading system like the trading bots that are capable of providing a near error-free trading practice? If you are interested in discovering more then, this source is the right place for that!





Everybody knows that the binary options trading market is growing exponentially. It has now become a highly profitable online investment option and obviously, everyone wants to dip their toes in this. This, in fact, has even given a rise to false or duplicate websites that make big promises lure customers and finally cheat.

In case you are new to the trading world or in a doubt it is best to rely on names like Fintech Ltd. Despite being quite a new name in the world of automated trading robots, Fintech Ltd has now established software. This source provides you with all the information you need about Fintech Ltd.

Why is Fintech Ltd so special?

It is an automated trading robot that deals in binary options trading. It is unlike any other trading robots and is, in fact, a revolutionary platform. It is a trading software for the next generation, where the system is designed completely to function on autopilot mode. Its creator and his team strived over many years, to make a software that is technologically advanced yet not intimidating for newcomers and novices. It provides a steady platform for global traders, including those without any knowledge or prior experience.

The system has been designed with applications that use some complicated algorithms and calculations. However, the interface is simplified and easy to use. So first timers can use it easily.

Is Fintech Ltd trustworthy?

This functions in collaboration with some of the top brokerage companies in business. The software takes special care to keep all personal information of users encrypted. The money deposited is also maintained in segregated accounts. The software strictly abides by the policies and restrictions put forward in Anti-Money Laundering and ‘Know your Client’.

All test reports, as well as detailed reviews, have come back with positive results. Also, numerous satisfied users of this software have written positive things about the system. It proves that Fintech Ltd is not a scam, it is legitimate and trustworthy and a safe place to invest your money in.

Why choose Fintech Ltd?

Unlike all other competitors, it has some special features that make it the most preferred trading platform. Some of them are:

A complete history of investment: The software provides you with all the details of where and how the funds were invested and how much profit was earned. It helps to keep track.

Charting of assets: The software allows monitoring of assets that facilitate making the right financial decision.

Risk Management: It lets you predetermine the course of your trades. It helps you adjust the risk level you are willing to take while trading and decide accordingly.